Your New Front Line.

Network Cloaking & Secure Data Flow

Dispel uses Moving Target Defense to make your infrastructure invisible and segmented, stopping attackers from gaining actionable knowledge. By proactively defending against advanced persistent threats, cybercriminals, and insider threats, you don’t have to be on the front lines every day anymore.

Powering data transmission with some of the world’s best companies.


Isolate your networks from the Internet cesspool. Deny attackers actionable intelligence.

Protect your own reputation with Dispel Enclave.

Heuristics, signatures, firewalls, threat intel, and MFA are all useful. But if you‘re getting hit and relying on those tools as your front line, the attackers already have a critical advantage: they know where your systems are.

Enclaves use Moving Target Defense to stop attacks during the reconnaissance phase.

Introducing Dispel Enclave

Build, Work, Terminate.

Dispel allows anyone to connect servers and people to the Internet, without a targetable profile. Our Moving Target Defense stops attacks well ahead of older technologies.

Customer Stories

More than 100,000 nodes deployed, to over 20,000 customers. Where’s yours going to be?