Never Stop Moving

Dynamic virtualization for security, resilience, and scale

Dispel is a cyberdefense firm based on the East Coast of the United States. We have been the market leader in automated, network level, moving target defenses for over two years, and are a strong competitor in the commoditized world of mass virtualization. We are glad you are here.


What We Do

Dispel's Enclave Platform is the automated, network-level, moving target defense system at the heart of almost all of our solutions seen below.

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Reduce Risk with Enclaves

Sustain Legacy Systems

Defend the unpatched and unpatchable with our Enclave platform.

Software Defined Networks with Enclaves


Software Defined Networks provide subnetting with the press of a button.

Wide Area Networks with Enclaves


Software Defined Wide Area Networks provide cheap global interconnectivity.

Mass Virtualization using Enclaves

Mass Virtualization

Isolate your environment and virtualize a lot of machines.

Threat Intelligence using Enclaves

Threat Intelligence

Manage all your low-attribution tools in one place, just a single click away.

Collaborate with Enclaves

Work Together Safely

Messaging, calls, files, video calls, virtual desktops, and logging.

Democracy through Enclaves

Defend Elections

Actively protecting databases, tabulations, and communications.

Enclave Platform

Networks That Move

Enclaves are networks of virtual machines launched from multiple cloud providers. What makes them special is that their components change over time. What makes them yours is whatever you put in this secure, single-tenant network.