Remote Access for
Industrial Control Systems

Made simple, secure, and 10x faster.

  • 15s connect

  • Works with all equipment

  • Moving target defense

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Industrial remote access tested and trusted by companies around the world

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What we do

Everyday easy access.

Designed to delight your operators.

Dispel connects you to your ICS equipment, wherever it is, in 15 seconds. Let your team have remote access that is safe, simple to use, and wonderfully fast.

Dispel condenses the whole process and encrypts it from start to finish, so it's like having jumphosts but you don't have to worry about it. All the magic is behind, so the operator doesn't need to see it.

Will PerezDirector of Information Security at ConnecticutWater

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An operator connecting to a water pump (shown in real time).


Access for your vendors.

Designed to keep you safe and sane.

Your vendors need access to update ICS equipment. Let them in, get them out, record what they do, and never, ever, have them cross your corporate network again. Dispel ensures they see only what they absolutely need.

Automatically grabbing virtual desktops for a contracted team at log in.


Works with what you already use.

If it speaks TCP/IP, we can reach it.

We know ICS equipment is designed to last. Maybe your systems were built a decade or two ago. Regardless, our system interfaces with it.

The buy-in from leadership was easy because they saw how easy it was for Service Delivery to use. I didn't even have to explain it.

Will PerezDirector of Information Security at ConnecticutWater

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Some of the industrial control system providers we integrate with:

  • General Electric

  • Honeywell

  • Rockwell Automation

  • Omron

  • Inductive Automation

  • Emerson

  • Siemens

  • ABB

  • Alstom

  • Yokogawa

  • Schneider Electric

  • Walchem

This does not represent an endorsement or affiliation between said companies and Dispel.

Features of Dispel

We get the little things right.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Use the Temporary One Time Passwords or hardware tokens you already love.

  • Full Redundancy

    Geographic, vendor-agnostic, hot-swappable redundancy ensures your systems are always available.

  • No External Internet

    Grant remote connectivity through whitelisted subnets you can edit in real time.

  • Same-Day Implementation

    Make your team's life better in a matter of hours. Implementation and training takes less than a day.

  • End-to-End Encryption

    Two layers of AES-256 encryption with independent 4096-bit RSA keys protect every connection.

  • Active Directory Integration

    We integrate with your AD, so your users don't need to learn a new set of credentials.

  • No Endpoint Installations

    Patching and updating every endpoint every year? We don’t believe in that.

  • Automatic Patching

    We update our infrastructure every single day, so you're always on the latest machines.

  • Logging and Monitoring

    All of our machines speak syslog, and we provide screen recording for virtual desktops.


It’s our job to make your life easy.

We believe a product is only as good as its process.


  • You have the right to fall in love with a product first. See a demo, do a lab test, run a field test. Make a purchase decision only when you're sure it does what you want.

  • Fun Fact

    We have the patience of a glacier, but we reward efficient procurement processes with discounts. Typically, this takes four to six weeks.


  • Our teams scope the deployment together. Then, we fly a person out for a day to implement your remote access and provide training for your employees.

  • Fun Fact

    Your network engineers probably love checklists. Fortunately, we do too: our remote access deployments take less than 40 minutes of on-the-ground time.


  • We've built a web console for all your access administrative needs. Manage your ICS remote access independently, or call us every day. It is entirely up to you.

  • Fun Fact

    One of our clients manages over 1,000 access channels simultaneously with a single person.


  • We handle keeping infrastructure up-to-date. If someone asks you how frequently your Dispel networks are patched, the answer is ‘inside of a day’.

  • Fun Fact

    Unpatched VPNs are making headlines as a critical weakness within most organizations. You don’t need to be like them.

While the inherent security of their technologies interested my team, it was Dispel‘s ability to deliver the systems I needed ahead of schedule and tailored to NantHealth‘s particular requirements that won me over.

Deb CafarellaSenior Director of IT at NantHealth

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Let’s talk price.

Big or small, we scale to fit your organization.

We don’t believe in per-user or per-endpoint pricing. Our pricing is based on infrastructure and concurrent sessions, so you only pay for what you deploy.

Pricing illustration showing the modular aspects of our platform


Fundamentally, we’re a security company.

Your safety guides everything we do.

At Dispel, we believe in security transparency, so for details on our security posture, please visit our (extensive) security page. There, we’ve outlined everything from the security of our product to our organizational security.

Go to our security page

Dispel’s platform addresses multiple internal and customer needs for Swisscom. Through a secure, versatile platform, Dispel has demonstrated the ability to protect remote IT networks, cloud networks, and segmented industrial systems.

SwisscomField Test Report

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Frameworks and Compliance

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  • True Segmentation

  • AD Integration

  • Full Redundancy

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Dynamic Positioning

  • Logging and Monitoring

  • Automatic Patching

  • Moving Target Defense

Plus a lot more...

Case Study

Connecticut Water.

We're protecting access to water systems serving more than 300,000 people.

Watch how Connecticut Water uses Dispel to protect their industrial control systems and allow their operators to securely connect to their SCADA equipment in seconds – by Will Perez at ARC Forum.

How they use us

  • 40+ facilities

    Across 3 independent sites. We cover a lot of ground and equipment.

  • 24/7 access

    For over 150 operators on their SCADA network.

  • Corporate ≠ ICS

    We protect both for them, but the networks are completely separate.

Why they chose us

  • Their operators loved us

    Because they were happy with the connection speed and how easy it is.

  • They saved $980k per year

    Even with the deployment of full geographic redundancy.

  • It was just so simple

    For IT to administer, instead of 300 jumphosts across both networks.