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Secure remote access to
industrial control systems

A problem worth solving once.

Serving over 12 million people so far this year.
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Your time should matter

Slow tools sink teams and their reputations. Reach systems in seconds, not minutes, and manage up to 1,000 connections from a single page.


Your systems should work

But, when they don't, reaching them should be the least of your problems. Typical secure remote access has 6 connection steps. Dispel has 2.


Your cybersecurity should be clean

'Keep things safe.' vs. 'Get things done.' summarizes the current divide between IT and OT. Fulfill those objectives simultaneously, and teams start working together again.

“That's why we use Dispel.”

  • It's transparent

    Personnel connect in seconds with two steps, rather than minutes and six steps. Administrators get to control and observe every connection taking place.

  • It brought us together

    IT got the moving target defenses and scalable controls they wanted, while OT got the speed and functionality they needed.

  • It scales to our world

    Perfectly functioning OT can be decades old. Dispel safely handles that reality by sitting outside of the pre-existing OT stack.

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Built for teams

  • For Operators

    A path to equipment that takes seconds to work through and gives them the tools they need for the task.

  • For Vendors

    A standardized way to get Vendors to equipment in seconds, with a built-in audit trail.

  • For Administrators

    A portal to manage deployments at scale, and recording infrastructure to keep Compliance happy.

  • For Cybersecurity

    It's a single-tenant, moving target defense network with single-use virtual desktops and user-session specific protocol and equipment whitelisting. In short, Dispel didn't cut corners.

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“Dispel has truly simplified remote SCADA access for the city of Brentwood. The platform is secure, simple to use, and very efficient.”

Eric Brennan, Water Operations Manager at City of Brentwood


How it works

Users authenticate against a website, receive access to a single-use virtual desktop and, through that virtual desktop, are able to reach their equipment. In the background, their connection traverses a single tenant moving target defense SD-WAN down to the relevant OT network.

At the edge of the OT network sits a Dispel virtual machine or piece of hardware that provides user-session-protocol specific whitelisted access to equipment.

How to get Dispel

  • 1. Demo

    • • Describe your OT environment.
    • • See the platform in action.
    • • Leave knowing what a deployment would cost.

  • 2. Pilot

    • • Put the product in your team’s hands.
    • • See what they say.

  • 3. Deploy

    • • Deploy in under 4 hours.
    • • Train your team in 30 minutes.

Get deployed

We know this matters

Operations and Cybersecurity should not be in conflict. Both have the same mission at heart—to maximize the uptime, availability, and crew safety of their team.

Case Study

Connecticut Water

How they use us
  • 40+ facilities

    CT Water uses Dispel to access 40+ facilities across 3 independent sites.

  • 24/7 access

    All 150 operators now have 24/7 access to their SCADA network.

  • Corporate ≠ ICS

    For the first time, their Corporate and ICS networks are truly segmented.

Why they chose us
  • Their operators loved us

    Connections stopped being the hard part of their day.

  • They saved $980k per year

    Time stopped being lost to remote access.

  • Management was untangled

    They got to throw out 300 jumphosts and centralize administration.

Let's do this.