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Counter-Reconnaissance for Cyberspace

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We have open sourced jak, a simple file encryption tool. Check it out on GitHub

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The days of blocking and preventing attacks against a static perimeter are gone

Perimeter defenses do not work*. Heuristic, signature, and behavior based defenses react after a breach has occured.

When they finally discover the breach, your enterprise has already sacrificed operation time, reputation, revenue, and potentially exposed you and your client's data.

Choose your battlefield

Make your defenses dynamic and move the fight outside of your network.

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Secure Communications

Don’t get hacked, tracked, or located. Collaborate across borders, gather remote sensor data, and send files between teams securely.

How it is done.
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Intercept malware before the endpoint

Our application blocks serve to intercept malware ahead of your institution’s perimeter. These blocks only re-render safe content onto your local device. Blocks that intercept malware and become infected are readily destroyed and replaced by fresh devices.

How it is done.
picture representing an isolated network device

Segment your networked devices

Data is transmitted out of your facility via isolated channels, meaning locally installed malware cannot spread laterally across your network.

How it is done.
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Security with obscurity

(Because we don’t wear red coats into battle anymore)

Dispel hides your system's metadata signature. This, in turn, makes it exceptionally hard for adversaries to find and exploit your data directly or inferentially.

How it is done.

Secure, cynical, & paranoid by design

Dispel uses open-standard encryption protocols and independent auditing alongside its metadata obfuscation system to keep your communications and infrastructure secure.

  • enhanced_encryption 2x AES‑256 Encrypted

    We use two layers of AES‑256 encryption with 4096‑bit RSA for initial key exchange on all data in motion. Keys are single-use for each Dispel block and are discarded every time.

  • fingerprint Auditing and data destruction

    All of the data on a Dispel Non-Predictive Network is destroyed when the NPN is deactivated. For those who need it, Dispel can maintain independent logs to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • gps_fixed Whitebox penetration tested

    Our APIs, engines, cloud providers, and web interfaces undergo regular independent whitebox penetration testing. Results are available upon request from clients.

  • verified_user Continuous custody of control

    We maintain licensed relationships with multiple cloud providers. Data always remains under contract and our clients‘ authority.

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