Working With Us

Our technology makes us unique. Our customer service makes us worth your time. We let you choose how much, or how little, involvement you want us to have in the running of your Enclaves.

Working With Dispel

Deployment Types

We offer a range of deployment types for different organization types and sizes.

Managed Security Services

Our standard deployment type. If you want Dispel to handle the nuts and bolts of the system, this is the path to take.

Full System Deployments

If you want internal teams to manage your Dispel deployments from start to finish, consider Full System Deployments.

Special Situations

For customers who call us with truly unique deployment requirements. If you need a miracle, call us.

Dispel Guarantees

What You Can Expect

We believe in getting stuff done and looking good doing it.

  • Speed

    Our Operations Center has priority access to our engineering teams. If you have a problem, we stop everything to fix it.

  • Efficiency

    We secure teams from fewer than 20 users to institutions with more than 10,000. We do that by streamlining solutions.

  • Civility

    Ever had the misfortune to buy from a vendor who constantly upsold or charged fees on fees? We don’t do that.

  • Transparency

    We aim for complete transparency in our pricing and our practices. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rapid access for your operators

Remote Access

Secure remote access into your critical industrial control systems and legacy infrastructure.

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Low-attribution tools

Threat Intelligence

Build low-attributional VPNs and sandboxed environments for global threat intelligence operations.

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Dispel Support

We‘re with you every step of the way

Whether you want our latest pen-test report, need a customized Enclave built ASAP, or just want a sticker of our owl for your child’s bedroom wall, we’re here to help you.


Dispel Support is based out of Virginia. We offer timely updates and answers to questions. Staff are also available for on-premises or remote work as needed.


Dispel‘s technology undergoes regular third-party penetration testing. White papers and other resources are available for prospective and current clients.


Dispel integrates with 7 public cloud providers. Access to over 150 data centers around the world. If anything happens at one location, we shift your resources.