Threat Intel and Incident Response

Customized and reliable low-attribution tools for threat intelligence and incident response.

Build your own VPN

200 locations across seven public cloud providers for your entry and exit points. Build times of 15 minutes and custom scheduling for your virtual private network.

Build in minutes

Our console makes it easy to select the entry points and exit points you would like.

Automatic fail-safes

Make sure your team cannot access the Internet unless they are routing through an anonymizing network.

After Action Reporting

Specify what you need logged. Implement system level tracking and upload to an ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) environment or export to your own systems.

User your own systems

Export your after action reporting to your own systems. Dispel integrates without a problem.

Upload to an ELK Stack

Implement syslevel-tracking and easily upload to an ELK Stack environment when using Dispel.

New personas day after day

Use your golden image of an environment across the globe. Gain local details such as language and keyboard settings for a stronger persona.

Custom Windows and Linux VDIs

Configure your Windows and Linux virtual desktops to fit the specific demands of your operations.

Change language and keyboard

Add your local details such as language and keyboard setting to your virtual desktops.

Automatic traffic switching

Have something running locally? Dispel Wickets plug into your machines, capture network traffic, segment it, and route it through through a non-permanent, single-tenant infrastructure spread across 200 locations.

Burn after use

Our entry and exit points are built to be disposable. Users can destroy desktops after use, and administrators can ensure fresh desktops with fresh profiles and new IP addresses are built every day – automatically.

Dispel handles keys and the rest

Dispel handles everything, including encrypted keys, virtual private network tunnels, and patching.

Tor and residential IP

Dispel also supports Tor and residential IP address tools, to make it easy for you to stay hidden.

How does it work?

From the Dispel Console, you can direct our Engine to segment users, build exit points and virtual desktops in different data centers, and network them all together. Assign operators to different Enclaves as operational requirements evolve, and log activity for later review.

We use open-source code for many of our tools. When it’s proprietary, we bring in independent penetration testers to review and stress our work. For those that need it, our encryption ciphers are FIPS 140-2 compliant, and we publish our ciphers and security programs.

We build low-attributional networks every day, so we know it’s a pain to do by hand. We also know when things aren’t working just right. Each new version of Dispel builds on the feedback we get from operators using our threat intelligence tools.

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