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Virtual Desktops

Isolate your environment and control what users can do with fast, on-demand virtual desktops. Dispel offers fully customizable Windows and Linux instances.

Virtual Desktops

Isolate yourself from the Internet Cesspool

Whether you need to do traceless competitive research or provide looking glass access to protected resources, Dispel can customize a Virtual Desktop deployment to meet your needs and budget. Our deployment engine is equipped with advanced scheduling and reservation capabilities designed to save on both cloud costs and administrative overhead.

Isolate environments with virtual desktops

A Virtual Desktop for just about any use-case. Seperate your environment and dictate what users can do with fast, on-demand virtual desktops.

Capacity ahead of demand

Dispel‘s deployment engine can build fresh desktop instances so that a pool is available for your users when they begin their workday.

Available in browser and RDP

Our VDIs can be accessed in browser without any installations required (Linux) or through a secure RDP connection (Windows).

No wasted licenses

Under Dispel‘s licensing model, you only pay for concurrently active virtual desktops. Gone are the days where you need a monthly or annual license for a user to access a VDI once.

Unparalleled Customization

We work with you to deploy custom VDI instances with desired applications pre-installed. Whether specific security constraints or a fresh SQL database, we are here.

A Few Common Use Cases

Anything your computer can do, a virtual desktop can do more securely. These disposable units can be refreshed every day, can be deployed with customer specified applications, and can be completely locked down by administrators.

Secure Data Access

Looking glass access to sensitive data.

Traceless Research

Learn what you need without retaliation.

Custom Environment

Transform VDIs into what you need them to be.

Virtual Desktop Use Case 1

Secure Data Access

VDIs enable you to decide the means through which someone will access your sensitive business data, and ensure the security posture of that environment. Whether you are trying to defend our elections, finalize an M&A deal, or provide read-only access to the next blockbuster script, Dispel VDIs can help.

Control Access

Control which users can reserve deployed desktops, and for how long those desktops remain active.

Securely Interact with Sensitive Data

Access resources protected within an associated Enclave without exposing those systems or identifying an attack vector.

Monitor Everything

Our Desktops can have all of their logs pushed to a central monitoring system to help identify any inappropriate actions.

Virtual Desktop Use Case 2

Traceless, Competitive Research

Metadata tells the world a lot about your company. Dispel VDIs disassociate you and your online actions. Using VDIs, you can safely research competitors, inspect your supply chains, or explore potential investment opportunities without any risk of burn-back or retaliation.

Deploy Globally

Deploy desktops in over 150 global data centers. Minimize latency and see through local eyes.

Burn After Use

Users can destroy desktops after use, and administrators can ensure fresh desktops with fresh profiles and new IP addresses are built every day.

Total Disassociation

The virtual desktops are completely disassociated from your organization, preventing burn back or retaliation.

Virtual Desktop Use Case 3

Custom Environment

We meant it when we said every use-case. Whether you need to create a network of VDIs to train customers to use your applications, or you want to build a suite of high-powered VDIs for video editing, just let us know and we will help make it happen.

Blank Canvas

We will happily work with you to build the VDI image you need and make it available on-demand.

Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Connectivity

Dispel’s networks seamlessly traverse cloud providers and regions, allowing VDIs to be secure, and local, anywhere datacenters can be found.

Safe Training Grounds

Transform VDIs into safe training grounds for your employees where a mistake will never be disastrous.