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Low-Attribution Tools for Threat Intelligence

Manage all of your low-attribution tools from a single platform.

Threat Intelligence

Your global network is just one click away

Dispel automates the process of building low-attribution HUMINT tools, so you no longer have to spend time digging through cloud providers. Configure, launch, use, and monitor non-attributional virtual desktops, VPNs, and communications with Dispel's Enclave Platform. Enjoy incredible support from Dispel's Virginia-based Operations Center, and make use of our vetted portfolio of tradecraft tools.

Dispel on iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android

Reliable operational tradecraft

Dispel ensures operators are only able to work while within a low-attribution environment. Automated fail-safes make sure your team cannot access the Internet unless they are routing through an anonymizing network.

Boot Tools With a Single Click

Scale toolsets with ease

Adding new virtual desktops, adjusting VPN traffic routes, or segmenting operations becomes easy with Dispel's management console. Just select the number of operational Enclaves you want, pick the resources you want within them, click the build button, and the system automatically handles the rest.

Make the Desktops Yours

Customizable systems

Configure your Windows and Linux virtual desktops to fit the specific demands of your operations, then enjoy being able to select and launch those desktops with the push of a button. Our customers regularly ask for desktops with adjusted browsers, amended language settings, logging, and embedded file transfer mechanisms.

Go Global in Seconds


Have your own global, single-tenant, low-attribution network without thinking about it. Dispel handles everything, including Encrypted keys, VPN tunnels, and patching. Route traffic through a non-permanent, single-tenant infrastructure spread across over 150 data centers. Dispel also supports Tor and residential IP address tools.