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Sustain Legacy Systems

Unpatched systems are a critical liability for your company. Our Enclave platform protects your legacy infrastructure within minutes.

Sustain Legacy Systems

Whether it's Windows 2003 or something else...

Unpatched systems are a critical liability capable of disrupting business operations or inadvertently disseminating sensitive business data. Dispel Enclaves wrap pre-existing infrastructure with a secure access layer to eliminate targeted cyber attacks, restrict access, and mitigate insider threat.

A Better Way Forward

We give you time to thoughtfully plan for the future while providing security today.

Maintain Availability

We lock down your most vulnerable systems without interrupting availability.

Automated Patching

Our Enclaves are refreshed on a daily basis with the latest security updates to protect you.

Encrypt End-to-End

All transmissions to the protected systems are encrypted with two layers of AES-256.

How does it work?

We build a virtualized Software Defined Network (Enclave) for your unpatched server(s). A quick integration step will force the legacy systems to only make themselves available over a secure private interface within the Enclave. From there, access to the systems will be brokered through encrypted access points at the edge of the Enclave.

Programmatic access can be given to external devices either via hardware sitting next to the device or software clients installed on the system.

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Sustain Legacy Systems


Securing unpatched or legacy systems can be accomplished quickly and effectively, even for large scale enterprise deployments. Forget about the administrative nightmare that is creating and maintaining separate VLANs.

Powering data transmission with some of the world’s best companies.

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Protect Your Unpatched Infrastructure

Our method is simple. Segment the vulnerable system within an Enclave, and then allow user-specific access through encrypted, dynamic pathways. While transparent to authorized users, bad actors now have no way of finding your critical systems.

Stop Lateral Attacks

By segmenting vulnerable systems in their own Enclave, there is no possibility of a lateral attack.

Beat Phishing Attempts

Even if an employee‘s credentials are stolen, the attacker will not have the encrypted access needed to use them, nor know where the vulnerable server is in the first place.

Easy Adoption

Leveraging the full suite of Dispel connection methods, you can easily provide access to authorized users without them needing to jump through extra hoops.