Software Defined Networks provide subnetting with the press of a button. Our SDNs are securely powered by our Enclave platform.

The Problem

All your devices are connected. They shouldn't be.

You have a lot of devices that should never talk to one another but are attached to the same physical cables and wifi networks. You also have clouds packed full of servers your teams depend upon, but the servers used by Team A should never be visible to the servers belonging to Team B.

How can you easily pack the devices and servers within your environment into networks that are both simple to manage, and also effective at keeping systems and accesses segmented?

Our Solution

What Makes Dispel’s SDN Special

Rather than use physical cables and independent wifi routers to logically divide the devices and servers within your environment, we use our Enclave platform to securely assign devices and servers to different networks. This is called a Software Defined Network, or “SDN” for short.

Easy to deploy

Launch an entirely new SDN in under 30 minutes with the Dispel Enterprise Console.

Easy on the end user

Let your human users connect to, and switch between, networks with the press of a button.

Easy to manage

Add and remove devices, users, and servers in seconds. US-based technical support.

Hard to screw up

Dispel’s system forces discipline. Only the things you want on your networks have access.

Hard to attack

We build systems to defend against nation state adversaries. We bring that security to SDNs.


Add SD-WAN to your Dispel SDN system without any change in end user experience.

Dispel SDN


From the moment you sign, to the day you feel comfortable launching SDNs on your own, you will have the dedicated support of a team in Dispel’s Project Execution Group. While we have yet to meet two clients with identical network configurations or mandates, we have found this installation and confidence-building period typically takes two to three weeks.