Secure Voter Database

Control access and enforce security across county offices.

Defending the Voter Registration Database

A paradox of priorities

The Voter Registration Database ("VRD") needs to be accessed by multiple local officials during their daily routine. And yet, the State has minimal to zero control over the security posture of those local county devices. Some might be over a decade old and unpatched since then.

How we solve it

We protect the integrity of the election by wrapping the VRD within a moving, shifting Dispel Enclave. From there, access to the VRD is brokered through Virtual Desktops, which are simple to use, completely customizable, monitorable, and re-built daily with the latest security patches.

  • Dispel moves and cloaks the location of the Voter Registration Database

    The Dispel Enclave protecting the VRD shifts its network topology and location in real time. Access to the VRD is locked down to only Virtual Desktops built within the Enclave.

  • Virtual desktops and multifactor authentication protects it

    View and edit rights are protected using multifactor authentication and virtual desktops. Dispel Virtual Desktops are available in browser (Linux) or through RDP (Windows).

Secure Voter Rolls

Our solution protects the integrity of the election by physically and digitally moving the voting toll and its backup, while view and edit rights are protected through multifactor authentication and virtual desktops.

VRD Integration

Integrate the Voter Reg. Database into an Enclave.

Virtual Desktops

Controlled, secure access to the database.

County Workflow

County Officials retain a comfortable user experience.

Voter Database Integration

The Voter Registration Database is securely integrated into an Enclave through a Dispel External System Integrator ("ESI"), which is either a hardware device or headless software client responsible for brokering the encrypted connection.

Controlled Access via Virtual Desktops

Once integrated, only Virtual Desktops built within that Enclave will be able to access the Voter Registration Database and associated web applications. To the end user, this will feel just like using their normal computer, but the State will have total control over the environment.

County Official Workflow

Each morning when the county official arrives for work, they can reserve and launch their Virtual Desktop for the day. This single use terminal will have the latest security updates and provide familiar, fast access to the Voter Registration Database web interface where they can perform any VRD related tasks.

VRD Defense

What does it cost?

Secure the Voter Registration Database and deploy custom Virtual Desktops

Secure Voter Database

Something that never should have been online, no longer has to be. Secure access to your Voter Registration Database with our Virtual Desktops.




Excluding one time purchase of an External System Integrator.


Per VRD Enclave


Per Virtual Desktop


Per Ext. System Integrator

$1,000 one time

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