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Protecting our democracy

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Our elections are under attack

Democracies depend upon the factual integrity of, and societal confidence in, elections. While technically trivial to hack most voting machines in person, it is far simpler, logistically, to erode confidence in an election by attacking the points of the process that depend upon the Internet — voter rolls, results aggregation, and political campaigns.

We’ve developed three systems to protect our elections from outside forces

Our business is protecting data and the transfer thereof from nation state quality adversaries. All of our engineers and investors are American citizens, and we didn’t like it when people messed with our elections in 2016. The result was the development of three systems; each uniquely designed to protect a vulnerable stage of the electoral process.

Elections powered by Dispel

Secure Voter Rolls

Dispel hides and randomly shifts the digital and physical locations of the voting roll and its backup. Restricted access to computers physically connected to a Dispel Wicket.

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Secure Vote Tabulation

We have engineered a system a novice can use with under 5 minutes of training, but boasts one of the most advanced security architectures we have ever sold.

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Secure Campaign Comms

It provides traceless video conferencing, telephony, messaging, fileshare, VPN, research stations, and logging. We can provide a person to manage it all.

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What does it cost?

Both Secure Voter Rolls and Secure Voter Tabulation come with a combination of one-time purchases and yearly or weekly subscriptions. The secure campaign comes at a per month cost.

Secure Voter Rolls

Per Voter Roll

$50,000 per year

Per Access Terminal

$1,500 per year


$1,000 one time purchase
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Secure Vote Tabulation

Per Reporting Center

$645 per week

Per State Terminal

$125 per week


$1,000 one time purchase
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Secure Campaign Comms

Includes connection security, video conferencing, messaging, data rooms, virtual desktops, secure backups and logging, and the Dispel Enclave console.

Campaign Comms System

$2,500 per month
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Dispel Wicket features

  • Touchscreen.

    Plug and Play functionality.

    Cross device compatible (deskphone, computer, WiFi Router, IoT enabled, etc).

    Multi-device support (up to 12 simultaneous devices).

    Pre-configured for ease of implementation.

    Multifactor Authentication.

    Quickly on-board legacy systems.

    Secure remote/traveling employees or an entire office.

    ITAR Export compliant.

    Auto-updating only via encrypted channels within the Dispel Enclave.

  • Metadata protection, geographic data routing, DDoS protection, multi-cloud, and IP protection.

    Traffic protection from ISP and State-Level observation.

    Two layers of AES-256 cascade ciphering for all traffic. Initial key exchanges employ statistically independent 2048‑ or 4096‑bit RSA.

    Enforce enhanced security methods on 3rd party partners.

  • Support during business hours (9-5 EST) excluding major holidays.

    Promised response within 24 business hours regardless of when posted.

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