Our Enclave platform with its moving target defense is incredibly malleable and has a lot of different solutions you can use it for. This is a place where we collect some of these solutions so you can learn about the power of our platform.

Remote Access

Access ICS Securely

Remote Access

Secure remote access for industrial control systems and legacy infrastructure.

Reduce Risk with Enclave

Sustain Legacy Systems

Unpatched systems are a critical liability for your company. Our Enclave platform protects your legacy infrastructure within minutes.

Defend Critical Assets

Software Defined Networks with Enclaves


Software Defined Networks provide subnetting with the press of a button. Our SDNs are securely powered by our Enclave platform.

Wide Area Networks with Enclaves


Software Defined Wide Area Networks provide fast, global interconnectivity at a fraction of the cost. Our SD-WANs are powered by Enclave.

Mass Virtualization

Mass Virtualization using Enclaves

Mass Virtualization

Isolate your environment and control what users can do with fast, on-demand virtual desktops. Fully customizable Windows and Linux instances.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence using Enclaves

Threat Intel and Incident Response

Manage all your low-attribution tools in one place, just a single click away. Powered by our Enclave platform.

Work Together Safely

Collaborate with Enclaves

Work Together Safely

Group messaging, voice calls, file sharing, video conferencing, virtual desktops, and logging—all secured within a Dispel Enclave.

Defend Elections

Democracy through Enclaves

Election Defense

Actively protecting our democracy with a system utilizing our Enclave platform. Protects databases, tabulations, and communications.

Working With Dispel

How we work with you and your company

Our technology makes us unique. Our customer service makes us worth your time. We let you choose how much, or how little, involvement you want us to have in the running of your Enclave platform.


Our Operations Center has priority access to our engineering teams. If you have a problem, we stop everything to fix it.


We secure teams ranging from fewer than 20 users to institutions with more than 10,000. We do that by streamlining our solutions.


Ever had the misfortune to buy from a vendor who constantly upsold or charged fees on fees? We don’t do that.