Security at Dispel

Security is engrained into our culture. It’s not just a checklist we run through each quarter. From on-boarding briefings for new employees, to lunchtime conversations about the latest security findings within the community, we keep security and privacy in the forefront of our minds and operations. You’ll find details about our security programs here.

NISP Operating Manual

NIST 800-160


ISO/IEC 27001 - In Process

Dispel Security

Humans and Technology

Protecting your data does not simply require good compliance checklists. We deploy security controls across both our organization and our technology in order to minimize risk.

  • Organizational Security

    Dispel has established an industry-leading security program, ensuring our customers have a high degree of confidence and trust in our stewardship of their data and operations. Dispel maintains a culture of trust but verify. Personnel security programs are designed to protect the personal data of our employees and our customers.

  • Technological Security

    Dispel’s technological security practice helps stop unauthorized access of user data, and minimizes the potential for third-party observation of metadata-based user intent. We regularly undergo audits by penetration testers and our customers to make sure we’re on the top of our game.

Featured Capabilities

Enterprise Security

Dispel meets multiple enterprise security requirements with an industry-leading security program.

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • Moving target defense network

  • LDAP user management

  • Single-tenant provisioning

  • Custom logging and retention

  • Geo-location management

  • Support for client-controlled PKI

  • Clear environments after you‘re done

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Security questions or issues?

If you have a specific question or can't find the answer in our documentation, please get in touch. We are happy to address questions, including those under NDA.

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