Remote Access

Secure remote access for industrial control systems and legacy infrastructure.

Better for your operators

With 24/7 availability and advanced redundancy, operators can connect in seconds, not minutes.

Connect in seconds

Let your team securely connect to your control systems in under a minute.

Eliminate jump boxes

Don’t jump through hoops to be able to see what is going on in your network.

Better for your security team

Provide the security features your security team demands. Multi-factor authentication, moving target defense, and multiple layers of strong encryption. With comprehensive logging and access controls you'll be set.

Decouple OT from IT

Prevent cross pollination so users only have access to the things they need.

No External Internet Allowed

Lock down white-listed subnets and enable remote connectivity without granting external Internet access.

Better for your bottom line

Secure your bottom line with improved operator efficiency and eliminate operations and maintenance for multiple network pathways. Simplify your IT administration and grow with our cost-effective, cloud-agnostic scalability.

How does it work?

Our applications and virtual desktops stop bad actors from accessing your control systems.

Connections to your ICS network are cascade encrypted with both AES-256 (FIPS 140-2 compliant) and ChaCha20 ciphers using independent 4096-bit keys. These encrypted connection paths are dynamically established via the Dispel Application, wherein authorized users can switch between independent ICS networks.

For organizations requiring enhanced control and segmentation, connections are brokered through Virtual Desktops (Windows or Linux). Dispel’s platform automatically manages building and cycling virtual infrastructure and desktops, saving engineering time and associated cloud costs.

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Case Study

Securing Remote Access to SCADA Systems

With Dispel, ConnecticutWater saves both time and money while enabling faster, more secure access to their SCADA systems.

Multiple connected sites

3 independent sites, each connected to 10-15 satellite facilities via MPLS.

24/7 access for 150 operators

Required 24/7 access for 150 operators, with the majority working remotely and sometimes connecting to the ICS at 2 A.M.

Corporate and ICS protection

Implementation covered both the corporate network and the private ICS network. Firewalls on the ICS network prevented any actions except RDP.

  • Operator Speed Increase

    87% Faster

  • Cost Savings


  • O&M Elimination


  • Redundancy

    Fully Redundant