Private conversations, under company control.

Secure conversations

Drag-and-drop uploads, private and public channels, open-source platform.

Unlimited users.

Enterprise Security & Compliance

  • Phishing Protection

    Messaging resides within a counter-reconnaissance network. Even equipped with phished login credentials, an attacker has no place to log in.

    Test this yourself: try going to If you don't have access to Dispel, this URL will time out. If you do, you will see your login screen.

  • Policies & Loss Prevention

    Set user permission levels, control conversation access, and define data retention.

    Your data belongs to you. Services can be deployed on-premises for litigation and subpeona protection, and you can download full backups whenever you want.

  • User Management

    Enjoy granular access control rules for teams. Specify who has access keys and knowledge of networks. Use LDAP and MFA logins to restrict access to your data rooms.

Deployable on-premises and in the cloud.

Supports Apple Windows Linux Android