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Our best-in-class products can secure even the most foolhardy internet users


We have open sourced jak, a simple file encryption tool. Check it out on GitHub

Using the Mac OS X Dispel App to start an Invisible Connection and set your location to Ashburn, VA

Invisible Connection
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Secure your internet connection.

Who is this for?

Invisible Connection is for anyone who wants to work safely on the Web. It is an excellent tool for people who know others will be interested in their activities or any company that wants to reduce its target profile.

  • Protect metadata

    Protect not just your connections’ content, but the who, where, when, and why.

  • Fully encrypted

    We double-encrypt your data with AES‑256 using a 4096‑bit RSA for the initial key exchange.

  • Global exit switching

    Available anywhere in the world. Switch locations without breaking encryption.

Available for

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Debian-based)
  • Android
  • iOS (coming soon)

An Invisible Computer being accessed via a browser.

Invisible Computer

Access a top-of-the-line secure virtual desktop through your browser.

Who is this for?

There may be moments when you want even greater protection than an Invisible Connection can provide. Invisible Computers provide powerful on-demand virtual desktops that you can access through your browser. Invisible Computer’s air-gap your online presence, meaning you do not have to worry about malware, ransomware, or other malicious attacks reaching your hardware.

  • enhanced_encryption

    Single-use & disposable

    Invisible Computers are available and destroyable on demand.

  • fingerprint

    Anonymous & encrypted

    Each computer lives on a Dispel Non-Predictive Network.

  • gps_fixed

    Fast, air-gapped, computing

    Offload heavy processing demands onto cloud resources just like you normally would.

  • verified_user

    Malware interception

    Invisible Computers sit between your computer and the Web. If the Invisible Computer gets compromised, simply destroy it and start another one.

Works on

  • icons/chrome.svgChrome (43+)
  • icons/firefox.svgFirefox (44+)
  • icons/vivaldi.svgVivaldi (latest)

Secure Video Conferencing

A secure, modern, communication system for enterprises.

Who is this for?

We all know magic happens when everyone is on the same page. But "everyone" should not include competitors and black hats. Our video servers sit within Non-Predictive Networks that make it virtually impossible for an adversary to locate, hack, and listen in on a discussion, much less determine who the conversation participants are. Visit our dedicated secure video conferencing page for more information.

  • Security

    Communicate on desktop and mobile platforms without eavesdropping or hacking.

  • Control

    You have precise control over where your comms are deployed. Moreover, all Dispel infrastructure stays under the licensed control of your company at all times.

  • Access

    Fast, easy, international communications that cannot be compromised.

Available for

All modern browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi — on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Collaboration Suite

The first step to protecting your intellectual property (IP) is to protect the people who use it.

Who is this for?

Collaboration Suite is for teams that work together over the Web. If you have ever had a design stolen and built by a competitor, this is the product for you. Your design, chat, and audio servers will be housed on Dispel's Non-Predictive Networks so third parties won't be able to find them, much less intercept your team's transmissions.

  • Confidential communications

    Communicate on desktop and mobile platforms without fear of eavesdropping or hacking.

  • Secure data transfer

    Share proprietary information securely between partners. Protecting confidentiality means also protecting the identities of those involved.

  • Global communication

    Fast, easy, international communications that cannot be hacked.

Available for

Collaboration tools are available on OS X, Windows, Linux and Android. iOS support coming soon.

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