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How it works


We have open sourced jak, a simple file encryption tool. Check it out on GitHub

Non-Predictive Networks

Evade targeted cyberattacks and defeat Bayesian analysis and tracking techniques while still getting your work done.


What is an NPN?

At the heart of each Dispel enterprise system is a customizable engine that schedules, manages, and monitors deployments of encrypted virtual machines staged across multiple cloud providers.

These Non-Predictive Networks - "NPN"s - cycle their constituent components randomly, self-heal when a server within them goes down, and are indistinguishable from other virtual machines in the cloud.

NPNs are how Dispel dissociates client metadata, and are the worst nightmare of any programmer attempting an inference-based attack.

What is a building block?

Building blocks are containerized pieces of software, such as an email server, communications server, file transfer server, or virtual desktop interface.

Encrypted and isolated by default, blocks self-destruct after use, so you do not have to worry about persistent data falling into the wrong hands.

Inbound traffic is isolated to the particular block that requested it, preventing lateral attacks. Malware that infects a block is also dropped whenever an NPN cycles its components.

The Benefits

  • Proactive defense without signatures or heuristics
  • Organizational anonymity
  • Malware interception
  • Turn-key integration

Be Dynamic

Take the fight outside of your perimeter.

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    Device isolation

    Isolate the devices inside your network to enforce zero trust models.

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    Attack interception

    Quarantine data crossing your perimeter into segmented building blocks.

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    System integrity

    Protect your company’s reputation and prevent behavioral analytics attacks.

Cloud Providers

Built so no single vendor has all the information about your activity. Third parties can’t predict where your infrastructure will exist.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Global Reach

Be location independent.

Image of globe showing some Dispel locations


Rapidly deploy customizable and secure private networks almost anywhere in the world. See which cloud providers we work with.


Connect to your networks from anywhere in the world without flagging yourself for observation.


No non-licensed third-parties are provided with data. The chain of custody is secure.

Turnkey Solutions

See what we can do out of the box.

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    Virtual desktops

    Burnable computers running inside a Non-Predictive Network.

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    NPN data links

    Work anywhere securely over a Non-Predictive Network.

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    A plug-and-forget piece of hardware that channels all of the transmissions from devices within your office onto NPNs.

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    Collaboration Suite

    All of the tools your organization needs to collaborate securely.

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    Our video conferencing system lets you talk from anywhere without worrying about statistically associating participants or getting tapped.

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