Simple, Fast, Comprehensive Security

In addition to locking down all of the data leaving your community with AES‑256 encryption and 4096‑bit RSA, Dispel hides and cycles the digital locations and signal profiles of your facilities, cloud-based projects, and teams. This last set of features is what sets Dispel apart. Since hackers can no longer find you, they cannot hit you; and, if someone on your team stumbles upon malware, our system prevents lateral attacks inside the perimeter.

Dispel securing energy infrastructure, in this case a hydroelectric dams turbines, employees and gates.

The most advanced cyberdefense system on the market

Our Non‑Predictive Networks evade targeted cyberattacks ‑ including DDoS ‑ and are the only known means of defeating full‑field Bayesian tracking and analysis techniques.

    • The deployment

      Our products range from purely web-based solutions to physical hardware placed ahead of your firewalls. Regardless of format, facility-wide installations can often be completed within a day.

    • The experience

      Our system can be set up so users do not even know they are on it. For more complex deployments, we offer unique logins, key-cards, and biometric integrations.

    • The record

      We have secured teams with fewer than 20 users; institutions with more than 10,000; and enterprises that land somewhere in between. We regularly undergo system penetration testing, and can provide the reports upon request.

    • The price

      Quite reasonable but, as you might expect, the number depends upon the complexity of the system. Once we understand the scope of the environment that needs to be protected, we can offer unit level price transparency.

    • Special services

      We can, and often do, provide on-site system administrators for larger clients. We also advise on, and execute, special projects.

    • Made in the USA

      Our code is written, and our hardware assembled, by Americans.

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