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  • Is BitTorrent allowed while using Dispel? (No) #

    No. While torrenting does not necessarily imply illegal usage, the costs of people torrenting copyrighted material was too expensive for us to continue to allow. Also, there are privacy implications to using the BitTorrent protocol* and we are not currently comfortable saying that we can 100% protect your privacy if you are using it.

  • Is the Invisible Computer an actual computer you send to me? (No) #

    No. It is a virtual computer that is located within our Non‑Predictive Platform which you access through your browser. Our Non‑Predictive Platform isolates, anonymizes, and secures the Invisible Computer so you are safe from any malware, ransomware, or other harm that may infect the Invisible Computer.

  • After I dispose of an Invisible Computer, can any data or usage be recovered from it? (No) #

    No. All data is stored in the RAM (which is built to be non-permanent) so when you dispose of the Invisible Computer none of your data or usage can be recovered. The entire computer is then wiped, the OS uninstalled and it is returned to the pool of available hardware to have a new OS installed on it.

  • What cloud providers do you work with? #

    Last updated: May 2016

    Dispel’s platform integrates with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Vultr, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and DigitalOcean. OpenStack and AppFog are in progress and will be ready soon.

    Having the platform include servers across many borders and jurisdictions mean you can appear anywhere in the world with Invisible Connection and also makes your traffic anonymous and untraceable.

  • What is the “perimeter”? #

    A perimeter is the divide between your safe interior and the big bad world outside. In the digital sense the perimeter used to be a physical boundary that was maintained on hardware. The perimeter is composed of anti-virus software and firewalls to keep bad guys out. Unfortunately the perimeter relied on static infrastructure and signature based defenses. The perimeter model stopped working the moment tablets, phones and other mobile devices became ubiquitous. Now, your devices wander all around the world and send information back and forth. Your best defense is to secure your connections and information so that when your devices communicate they can’t compromise your home base.

    The old static perimeter needs a breach to happen before you can react. An enterprise breach costs on average $3.8 million USD* and takes about 205 days** to discover. With Dispel your defense becomes proactive, protecting you before the breach occurs.

  • What is metadata and why should I care? #

    While encryption serves a critical role in protecting content, encryption does not prevent identification of who we are, where we are, where we go, who we talk to, and when and how we meet them.

    That layer of information is called metadata, and often is just as effective at telling an observer the content of a transmission as the content itself. While decryption remains a time-consuming, computationally expensive hurdle for most bad actors, the growing availability of big data analytics has brought narrative development from metadata to a near real-time rate.

    Dispel’s Non‑Predictive Platform, which powers Invisible Connections, Invisible Computers, Gateway and more, protects your data by applying state of the art encryption and obscuring your metadata.

    “Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata you don’t really need content.”

    - National Security Agency, Stewart Baker, General Counsel

    Further reading

    Privacy International article on metadata
    Privacy International video (3m44s) on metadata
  • Is there a fixed cost for Custom Integrations for enterprise customers? #

    Custom Integrations are typically when we install our Non‑Predictive Platform for an enterprise so they can self manage.

    Want to get an estimate or see a demo? Get in touch.
  • What does Non‑Predictive mean? #

    Dispel’s Non‑Predictive Platform means our products and services only exist when you need them and are therefore harder to hack, track, or profile.

  • Why does Non‑Predictiveness imply security? #

    The importance of being hard to predict for security reasons is twofold. First, attackers need time to compromise a system. If your system has only existed for a short time, it will be much harder to find, let alone breach. Second, it means that even if (and this is a BIG IF!) an attacker can find and breach the system, they have until the component disappears to exploit the breach (a short time).

    The Non‑Predictive nature of our platform makes it proactive in defending your data, usage and infrastructure.

  • What encryption does Dispel use for encrypting my connection? #

    Dispel uses two layers of AES‑256 encryption with unique 4096‑bit RSA keys for the initial key exchange. Think of it like protective tubes. Your data flows through an encrypted tube that would technically take many years (seriously we are talking thousands) to crack through. If you break through one tube you notice there is a new, unique, tube inside of it! Leonardo DiCaprio himself would approve of these measures. Why do this you ask? Because why not! Dispel is committed to delivering tested and proven security.

  • Do you save any personally identifiable information about me? #

    Dispel does not save where you are going, what you are doing or who you are talking to. We save as little about you as we can get away with. It is our job to protect you and we take our job very seriously.

    Above all Dispel is not in the business of collecting and profiting off of private information.

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