Come and see us in Johannesburg, South Africa

Join us at Nedbank Disruption to learn more about our moving target defense platform and how we can help your company against security threats.

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September 17 – 19 / The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, South Africa

Global interconnectedness made the Internet resilient and useful, but also dangerous. Many people want to be able to access anything connected to the Internet, but very few want to be accessible by all. This is the fundamental problem Dispel solves.

Dispel builds cloaked networks, giving clients the choice of who they want to interact with while remaining hidden from the rest of the Internet. Their technology is the first commercially available implementation of network-level Moving Target Defenses.

The firm is one of the fastest growing cybersecurity startups in New York. Funded with $3 million in seed and Series A financings from American venture capital firms specializing in cyberdefense, Dispel has grown to a multi-million dollar (USD) revenue business with employees in New York and the Washington DC-metro area.

Presentations, Pitches, and Downloads

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Dispel Presentation

Ethan Schmertzler | Presentation Session 2 | Tuesday 17th 2018 – 10:40 and 15:40.

Dispel makes cloaking technology, rendering networked infrastructure and endpoints invisible and segmented, stopping attackers from gaining actionable knowledge usable in a cyberattack.