Control Access to your Voter Database

Join us at The National Association of State Election Directors Summer Conference to see our election defense system.

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July 14 – 16 / Philadelphia, PA

Working with officals and experts over the last year, we‘ve learned that States often cannot control the local desktops or environments that require access to the Voter Registration Database. Therefore, outdated and often unpatched systems have a direct line to the most important data set in the pre-election process.

We've built a platform that allows privileged access through Virtual Desktops that are easy to use, state-controlled, and built fresh every day.

Introducing our Election Defense System

Protect your Voter Databases with Dispel

Voter Database Integration

The Voter Registration Database is securely integrated into an Enclave through a Dispel External System Integrator ("ESI"), which is either a hardware device or headless software client responsible for brokering the encrypted connection.

Controlled Access via Virtual Desktops

Once integrated, only Virtual Desktops built within that Enclave will be able to access the Voter Registration Database and associated web applications. To the end user, this will feel just like using their normal computer, but the State will have total control over the environment.

County Official Workflow

Each morning when the county official arrives for work, they can reserve and launch their Virtual Desktop for the day. This single use terminal will have the latest security updates and provide familiar, fast access to the Voter Registration Database web interface where they can perform any VRD related tasks.

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