Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018

Thank you for joining us to talk about and demo our world leading network cloaking technology.

Lectures and Panels

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Trust no one: Encryption & identity in a third party ecosystem

Ethan Schmertzler

Managed services in the cloud come with many benefits. Fundamentally, however, you still have to trust and rely upon third-party providers. Transparent data encryption and key management that does not impact adoption of managed services eliminates third-party risk. In this session, learn how transparent data encryption eliminates third-party risk, how to use novel encryption applications to gain the benefits of outsourcing, and understand how this approach minimizes your attack exposure.

Where‘s your Junk Drawer? Finding a home for your outdated systems

Ian Schmertzler

Too critical to replace—too old to maintain. Are you dedicating FTEs to keeping unsupported and unpatched systems online because they're too critical to take down? Building new networks is expensive, and takes up personnel. Using instant, secure software-defined perimeters keep the legacy "junk drawer" separate from the rest of your infrastructure. Segment the unsupported, and build a path forward. In this session, you will learn how to maintain access to unpatchable systems, while keeping them online and safe.



Encryption so easy, your users will actually use it.

Conclave allows you to encrypt and share files with specific people that only they can open. With a single click, you can share Conclave-protected files across any third party platform or through our own end-to-end encrypted messaging platform.

Everything is Encrypted

Everything is end-to-end encrypted. Messages and files are encrypted before you share them and decrypted only when they arrive at their destination. Unencrypted data is never in transit or at rest.

Encryption Made Easy

With a single click, you can share Conclave-protected files across any third party platform. Only the people in the bundle can open it.

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