Encryption your users will use.

Conclave allows you to encrypt and share files with specific people that only they can open. With a single click, you can share Conclave-protected files across any third party platform or through our own end-to-end encrypted messaging platform.


The last encryption tool you will ever need.

Dispel has created the last encryption tool you and your organization will ever need. Conclave is end-to-end encrypted and allows you to encrypt and share files with specific people through any platform — only the people you select can open your protected files.

The Outside View

Everything is end-to-end encrypted. Files are encrypted before you share them and decrypted only when they arrive at their destination. Unencrypted data is never in transit.

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Decrypt with Your Fingerprint

Unlock messages and files with your fingerprint or password. Even if the hosting third party gets hacked, your data stays safe.

Encrypt for a Specific Colleague

When you encrypt files with Conclave, only the individuals you select will have cryptographic access to those files.

Encryption Made Easy

With a single click, you can share Conclave-protected files across any third party platform. Only the people in the bundle can open it.


All the small things...

Conclave is fully decentralized and boasts features such as automatically generated and handled 4096-bit keys, key sharing through traceless proxies, unique user keys for every service used with no key-based correlation possible, and remote deauthorization.

4096-bit key

Secure and automatic 4096-bit Private Key generation, storage, and Public Key exchange.

Use existing workflows

Use existing workflows (Slack, Sharepoint, Dropbox, E-mail, Chat services) securely without disruption.

Key sharing via proxies

User Private Keys shared through traceless proxies. Anything you do never touches a central server.

Uniquely keyed

Every user, account, conversation, message, and shared file is uniquely keyed. No key-based correlation.

Encrypt at rest and transit

Even admins of third-party services can't view your content. Account information stored on your device.

Remote deauthorization

Remote deauthorization of devices in case of theft, loss, or compromise. Your data stays safe even when you are not.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I set this up?

First, download the Conclave application and create your account. This will create a unique key pair private to your device. Behind the scenes, Conclave will register your account's public key so that others can send you encrypted data. From that point on any Conclave bundle shared with you or Conclave protected message sent to you will be encrypted so that only your device read it. Of course, any messages you send or files you protect within a Conclave bundle will be likewise encrypted so that only the recipient can read it.

Will this break my email?

Just the opposite. Conclave is designed to let your employees communicate through their preferred channels, while providing them a way to easily secure the content of those conversations. With Conclave, you can bundle those company financials with one click before shipping them off to the CFO for her review. If your email server is hacked, you're not worried about that data being exposed. People just want a way to be secure that doesn't hijack their entire workflow. That's why we built Conclave.

How do I add a second or third device?

Simply download the Conclave application onto the new device and sign in. On your primary device, you'll receive a permission notification asking you to validate adding the new device to your account. You can authorize either with a pin number or a fingerprint depending on your device. Once authorized the new device will be synced and can begin reading Conclave protected data.

What do I do if I am worried someone has stolen my private key?

Have no fear! Within the Conclave application you can easily cycle out your encryption keys with the click of a button in 'Settings'. At that point in time, your other devices will sync with the new key, and your data will now be encrypted with your fresh keys.