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What Is This Blog?

Parliament (named as such because a group of owls is called a parliament) is Dispel's official blog.

If you've read more than one post, you've probably noticed that some posts vary dramatically in tone. That's because this blog, containing unfiltered opinion and advice, is written by different members of the team.

Here are our ongoing series:

The Joys of Running A Company, by Ethan: Actual information gathered from running a company, so others can learn from our experiences.

Tales from The Submarine, by Ian: The unfiltered nonsense that Ethan won't say.

Ben Is Helpful, by Ben: Ben knows a lot of things, and shares them.

I Write Like I Talk, by Chris: Assorted technical commentary from our very Swedish CTO.

[series name under construction], by Anton: Product updates, design, and front-end commentary from our also very Swedish head of product and design.

Fun Challenges, by Fred: Fred tries things with no background knowledge and figures them out.