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Tales From The Submarine

Rising Fortunes, Falling Iguanas

"I think it is fair to say we observed pent-up demand for sunshine,” said Schmertzler.
Ian Schmertzler
Ian Schmertzler
10 February, 20201 min read
Rising Fortunes, Falling Iguanas

Dispel starts off 2020 conference circuit on Miami Beach

Dispel began its 2020 conference circuit on Miami Beach at S4x20 – an event focused on cybersecurity for industrial control systems.

With temperatures in the low 40s, and cold-stunned reptiles falling out of trees, the first day of the indoor event was packed. “Weather quality and attendance are inversely correlated at destination conferences like this,” said Ian Schmertzler, Dispel’s President and CFO. “The cold snap on the first day could not have been more favorable for those with speaking slots."

The next morning, armed with a large banner emblazoned with "Remote Access for ICS," the Dispel team set up their beachside booth, still in near-freezing weather. Trouble struck as the temperature picked up in the afternoon, and Ian's talk on secure remote access techniques to ICS was impassionately delivered to a nearly empty auditorium.  "I think it is fair to say we observed pent-up demand for sunshine,” said Schmertzler.

The Dispel team moved to an exhibition area set up next to the beach where the company’s fortunes at the event changed for the better. “That was the most intense volume of high-quality booth traffic we have ever experienced,” said Fred Chang, an Analyst at Dispel, "I'm so proud to share our solution with ICS managers genuinely interested in enabling remote access."

Lead conversion rates for Dispel, a company that specializes in providing high-speed secure remote access to industrial control systems, have been over 20% in the week since the event.

Dispel now enters February with a full slate of deployments scheduled.  For a list of upcoming events at which Dispel's ICS remote access solution can be found, please see:

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